Q: Where do the Devils play, and when?
The London Devils are based in North London but include members from all over the capital. We currently play Monday nights at Lee Valley Ice Centre, and Thursday nights at Alexandra Palace Ice Rink. Our season starts in September and we play through to the end of July. Generally we break two weeks at Christmas and five weeks in August.

Q: Can I come out and skate with the London Devils sometime?
The London Devils are a membership-based club and we only allow fully-paid club members to skate with the club. We generally take on new members on a case-by case basis at the beginning of the season in September and occasionally at the mid-point of the season if any spots open up. There are sessions in September to which we invite potential new club members. You can contact the club and arrange to come out to one of those sessions if you're interested in pursuing club membership. The best thing to do is drop the club an email on teamcaptain@londondevils.com to check if there are any openings for club membership.

Q: I used to play for the Devils and wanted to get in contact with some old friends - what should I do?
That's great news!! Please email the club on teamcaptain@londondevils.com We are in the process of compiling the Devils Alumni and it would be great to be in touch with as many ex-club members as possible!

Q: What level of hockey do the Devils play?
The foremost purpose of the club if enjoyment and recreation. We try to maintain a balance between a good level of hockey and a good social atmosphere. An estimate of our skill level would be that we range from intermediate to high skill level. All training and match play is non-contact.

Q: I'm a beginner, can I join the Devils?
Beginners are encouraged to join one of the other London clubs who have beginner-level programs.

Q: I'm a goalie, do you need goalies?
We have goalies in the club, but it's always good to know as many goalies as possible! Please contact the team through the team email address teamcaptain@londondevils.com

Q: Are you all Canadian ex-pats?
No, we are a multi-national club. While there are quite a few Canadians, we also have English, American, and a whole host of European nations represented in the club.

Q: What else do you guys do?
We are a very social club. In addition to match play and training in and around London, we also travel abroad a few times each season to play in tournaments and friendlies. For example, our last few trips have been to France, Estonia, Latvia, Czech, and Finland. We also host a number of club functions throughout the year including team parties, BBQs, and pub crawls.

Q: How much does it cost to join the Devils?
Club membership fees vary from season to season. We try to keep them as low as possible so as not to be prohibitively expensive. However, the fees do have to cover the club's yearly ice fees which are substantial. The London Devils are a non-profit organisation.

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